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I've had two times where I was suppose to have won x2 items through this suppose to be game/survey, which I only was connected to this site through PCH. I totally wasn't able to video or take a pic of the first item (IPhone 6) they stated i won, and you wasn't able to save a copy to your computer, but when it stated that I won a $1000 Walmart card, after I sat there and finished all the survey/question and answer stuff, I video taped it on my cell phone.

They have ti were you can't save it and have proof, well i found a way and I have it.

They truly n ed to stop screwing around with people that is totally false advertising to the fullest.

I also filed a BBB report on PCH, because it's affliated with them and I was playing PCH games and was connected to this *** game/survey by default. I'm now about to file a BBB and FTC on this company, once I get info on the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: National Reward Center Deal.

Reason of review: Dissappointed.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

National Reward Center Cons: Because it is false.

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I was told in February 2017 that I was the winner of $7000.00 dollars a week for the rest of my life and my kid sister was going to get $7000.00 to but I was lid to and know I life to her she don't talk to me any more because I was told that I had won but


Is this a joke ? No one wins those cards lmao. Your on the internet hunny