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i was called by national rewards center because supposedly i was selected to receive a $50 restrant coupon and a brouchure for a Local savings club.i specifically asked if i was getting charged for anything?

and Thomas Ratcliff at the sales dept said no. i will just recieve the info to review and decide if i wanted the membership. the next day i have a $50 charge on my online bank statement from Shoppers club. i checked my acct because i was about to pay a bill.

im glad i checked because i would have overdrafted my account. now my bill will be late and when i called to see how they charged my acct, they told me they have the last 4 numbers of my card and the recording of my conversation to authorize the $50 charge. i told them there is no way to do that without my entire card number. i called my bank and they verified that there is no way to charge my acct without my card number.

the national rewards center hung up on me 3 different times when i asked for a manager. they would not or could not tell me how they got my information. i demanded they remove me from any calling list and promos and refund my $50. the charge is still pending.

if it does not remove itself i will take it to the next level.

this is so infuriating!!!!!GRRRRRr

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I hope I don't get anything bad from this because I just filled out a couple of forms.

Imlay City, Michigan, United States #1192241

I am so glad I read this before thinking I was a valued customer.But thanks anyway.

p.s.this is a 14 year old speaking and I'm happy I don't have any dept


they first started sending me mails via courier back then here in nigeria, its all scam. i ignored because the question asked were too cheap to make me win mouth watering prizes they even had an envelope in the mail addressed to them with which i will re-email my form as well as my answers and my $15 that would be used for processing.. this company has been running like a legit for a very long time...dont fall prey to them its all a hoax..


I keep getting a text from the # 888-906-1187 and calls from 773-570-6321 about getting an award of some kind.Have not given any information and have asked to be removed from their system to no avail.

Serious heads up on these bogus companies. "Be the first hundredth callers" - everyone fits in the category - miraculously and the other one is about getting 'needed funding' from the government.

Indian workers on the phone.I have not been able to get them to stop calling and texting.


i recieved a text that i had won a 100$ gift card from nrc.all i had to do was call and claim it.

when i called i asked who this was through and was told it came through a walmart or target survey i had recently filled out. i had responded to a walmart survey recently, so that part made sense. i gave them the info they needed and then they said a 2.95 processing fee was required. i gave them the info for the fee on 11/22/10, it was paid and i was told it would be 7-10 business days for my card to arrive.

it is now 12/14/10 and i have not heard a word from them.

the number they had me call has disappeared and there is no way to contact them.:(


Be careful what you write folks.

National Rewards Center coming soon page is for a newly developed company that is in no way associated with the company you are speaking of.

National Reward Center is not an active site anymore.A person can run a "whois" search and see who the website National Reward Center is...

and who National Rewards Center is.

Very different group coming all together..National Rewards Center is merely a directory that will house links to the nations different rewards program offered by notable companies, such as banks, airlines etc,,,


National Rewards called me one day and somehow I got a $50 rewards offer because they were linked to a Swivel Sweeper I purchased with my debit card of all things.From the start I informed them that I have no interest and please take me off the calling list.

One day the guy on the other end of the phone would not except "no" for an answer and I lost it.

I snapped on him and let him know what I would do to him if we ever crossed paths. He told me my gangster threats had no influence on him and he would keep calling. I made sure to save the number"866-491-2180" in my phone so I would not answer. They now call me 2-3 times a day on my cell phone and will not stop.

I placed my number on the do not call registry but to no avail.This operation needs to be shut down.


I recieved a call today saying that i won 1.2000.0000 dollars held in a trust fund.So i knew it was to good to be true so i called him back and played along.I was waiting for that fee.He went on about me intering in contest and so on.So when he said that there will be a fees for a lawyer to get it started and only wanted myrouter number and the name of my bank.I said you know what your just a fraud and i've seen on tv not to give any money for

any winnings and your a fraud so i hung up on him.And by the wasy he used the name John Clark.


My wife had the exact same thing done to her and we are now charged with the $50 and the web site they provide just says comming soon.

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