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It happened a couple of weeks ago when i was searching a pintrest page,and a pop up came up on my phone about a chance to win a 100.00 dollar gift card from target all i had to do was take a survey,given the time of year and grandkids to think about i fell for it, my kids always told me not to pay attention to those pop ups cause they were scamsbut i didnt listen and i fell for it,before i knew it i had joined the disney video club and a credit card website and for the real kicker,i never did get a target gift card out of it,for the further into it you went the more questions you were asked till finally i said screw it,this is *** and quite. Since then have had to call to get my name taken off the disney video subscription list and am still dealing with the credit card companies who give you your credit scores.

Needless to say when i tell my grown kids not to trust anyo e for any reason THIS IS WHY!

People are fake as ***! Now i know wby i always taught my kids never trust anyone no matter how nice tbey seem.

Product or Service Mentioned: National Reward Center Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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This is complete bullshi..!, I was suppose to get 500 dollars cash and they make you jump thru hoops to get these rewards because they know eventually you will get tired of answering all the questions and steps they make you go through. This is just a scam to get your personal information and to get your credit card information so they constantly try to get you to sign up for 7 and 30 day trials.

This was a complete wasted of time. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!

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