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11/13/17 I am so upset with national reward center. I did the offers put my credit card info in and never got my card.

Some of the offers woldnt even come up forcing me to do the offers that cost more money and still nothing.

Is this just a scam to get people to answer serveys and pay for *** they dont need! When am i getting my card this is absalutly rediculous and hour doing those offers and i have to result to doing this because u guys lied or web page messed up idk but i want the reward i was told i was going to get after doing all the offers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I did a reward for $250 and had no problem. Yes, I did have to particapate in the offers but some of the offers were just playing games.

I think it is legit IF you follow the rules. You will get bombarded with calls, texts and emails but for $250 I dont care


$1000 Gift Card -very misleading info scam and I believe my phone is now infected with spamware. I did purchase something from Amazon and Walmart recently and thought this might be legit like many Americans.

After completing part of the survey I'm bothered that my cell phone spam/ scam calls have gone up 10x per day. Our government should care about this fraudulent phishing criminal activity. Vote for officials that truly care about your privacy or nothing will change. The "do not call lists" don't seem to work that well either.

The new masked incoming local phone numbers also has to stop. Its our lives and we shouldn't need to disconnect from electricity for it to get better.

Walmart and Amazon should put pressure on our Government to track them down and make examples of these criminals and maybe the others will think twice. No phone numbers should be given (by phone companies) for companies and frauds like National Reward Center (amarktflow) to use in the USA unless they are accountable.

Caring privacy laws are needed.

Don't allow this kind of activity. Officials we are watching you.

@Disturbed no one is in jail

Totally agree. Kudos.

Remember one thing I learned a long time ago. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is .

Scammers. Im going to start calling their number 10 times a day.


Never recieved $1000 walmart gift card but bought the survey item now pissed about it


Same ***, you would Walmart would take caer o this. This a serious problem


I am currently having the exact same problem as well and I've been costantly emailed them and yet nothing.


That is so true I did I once and it’s just people wanting your info